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We offer our agencies up to 80% of the YouKey's revenue from all their transactions, for as long as they are active on our platform.

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What is a YouKey agency?

If you're wondering "what is a YouKey agency?", you're not alone.

You will get paid as long as Sellers and Promoters are Active on YouKey


What does a YouKey agency do?

Before you can decide if you fit to this business model, you should first be able to answer the question, "what does a YouKey agency do?".

In short, a YouKey agency will help YouKey Sellers and Promoters list new products, increase traffic, improve brand awareness, boost conversions, and increase revenue month over month. In other word YouKey agency will onboard and manage both YouKey Sellers and Promoters to be succeed with YouKey platform.

Working with Ave
Working with Ave

Become a partner with YouKey
and be the hallmark of success stories.

With the concept of “From the society for the society” YouKey intends to make a huge positive social impact in Sri Lanka by enabling opportunities for everyone! Because, YouKey is a Digital Social Enterprise

Become a Part of YouKey and Represent YouKey

Easy to Get Started No Experience Needed

Easy withdrawals to your preferred Bank account twice a month

Free Training and Guidance to perform all tasks

Attractive CPA and Revenue Share income plans

Easily manage your staff with staff management function

Analyze your results in real time using convenient reports

• Seller Register on YouKey and List a Product You will Get Paid
• Seller list new items on YouKey You will Get Paid
• Seller Purchase Subscription Plans You will Get Paid
• Seller Purchase Subscription Plans You will Get Paid
• Promoter Register on YouKey and Promote You will Get Paid
• Promoter Purchase Subscription Plans You will Get Paid
• Promoter Earn Revenue You will Get Paid

Become an agency and unlock the privilege of having a continuous income stream

Get the things done by others!
Become an Agency and make others work for you!


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Promoter Management

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You will be able to easily manage your team of employees with YouKey Agency Portal. Automation tools will make it easy to reach the desired goal effectively!

Our unique platform gives you the highest revenue. You can focus on your part, and we'll do the rest